Friday, December 30, 2011


I understand that they meant God's Will, but what I read was god swill.

Apostrophes are important!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

J-mee and Kay Cee

A double post today, for your christmastime entertainment.

Let's tackle J-Mee first. Seriously, now, did the parents of this child expect great things of her, or what? President J-Mee Smith. Doctor J-Mee Jones. Fry cook J-Mee... now that sounds much more likely. Jaime and Jamie are both cute and acceptable names for girls, although not imbued with as much dignity as I strive for when naming my own children, but J-Mee just looks, well, stupid. There's just no way around it. It's dumb. It's taking cutesy to a level best reserved for fru-fru dogs and baby dolls. The kid might like it during high school (because oh, does it ever sound so very high school )but come the day she first has to put down that particular moniker on a job application and realizes that it's going to look like utter crap, she's going to curse her parents and start hunting for a name-changing application.

She'll no doubt be joined by poor Kay Cee. Kay Cee is going to spend a large part of his life fighting other boys because he has quite possibly the cutesiest, girliest name that I have ever seen inflicted upon a male child. It would have been better to name the kid Sue. Now, Casey is a fine name for a boy. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, it's been a male name for at least a hundred years, and everyone knows the name. Spelling it Kay Cee for a boy, however, is just asking for trouble. Kay, after all, is a girl's name. Kay Cee is just awful. It's feminine, cutesy, and I dare say even lazy. Who the hell spells out letters in their kid's name? I mean, other than this kid's mom. This poor child is going to go through life with half of the people who see his name thinking he's a girl named Kay. He's going to have thousands of phone calls for Miss Kay Cee Insertlastnamehere. People who think his name is spelled the normal way will spit milk out of their nose the first time they see it in print. Girls will laugh at him. Boys will torment him. Snarkers will snark at him. And all because his mom chose to give him a name that was cute, and adorable, and GIRLY, instead of just using the proper damn spelling. I think that the only thing that could have made this name worse would have been the use of a dash... like poor J-Mee. Now Jay Mee would still have caught my attention, and I may have even snarked upon it here, but at least it would have been used on a girl, and therefore would not have shocked and appalled me like Kay Cee.

Oh well. J-Mee does have one thing going for it. Unlike Le-a, the dash DO be silent.