Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lunden Bray

I believe that I have made my feelings known about the name Lunden. London is fine. Lunden is atrocious.

Now someone in this fair city has stepped it up a notch. Not only did they use horrible spelling for Lunden, they also followed it up with a middle name that is THE SAME SOUND A DONKEY MAKES.

To top it off, Bray is also a small town in Ireland, which is like naming a kid Seoul Pyongyang. I mean, England and Ireland aren't exactly known for their great and historical love of one another.

Brae I could have dealt with. Stupid, but not the exact spelling of "the harsh sound that a donkey or mule utters". But Bray? Seriously? Bray? You didn't once run that through Google, or Webster's, or anything? It never occurred to you that it is (and I cannot get over this) THE SOUND THAT A FRIGGIN DONKEY MAKES???

Yeah. I'm sure this kid will have a lifetime of fun dealing with that.

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