Sunday, January 10, 2010


The husband and I were watching football last night when suddenly a D'Brickashaw appeared, causing us to hunt frantically for the remote that doesn't exist for the DVR that doesn't work for the service we no longer have in order to STOP THE DAMN BALL GAME long enough to go, Shit, is his name really D'Brickashaw? Turns out that yes, indeed, that man's name is D'Brickashaw.


My god, but it's fun to say. It's a mouthful. It trips lightly past the tongue. But D'Brickashaw? Seriously?? I know people like to try to be unique, and D'Brickashaw certainly wins in at least that category (although sadly lacking in the Good Sensible Names category) but it is rather a mouthful, and upon examining its origins I am sadly confounded.

Did Mom and Dad look tenderly at Mom's growing belly and think, "Well, we like to say Brick, let's find a way to add to that. Brickshaw! Hmm... not enough. D'Brickshaw? Missing something. I know, I know... D'BrickAshaw! There's our winner!" It truly boggles the mind. I mean it. I'm boggled.

I also confess that I evilly love it. I will find a way to use this name. I'll name my bike D'Brickashaw, perhaps, or maybe the toaster. (In this house, we name our inanimate objects.) Hmmm... did it some from some word play with the term "rickshaw" perhaps? Or am I stretching too hard, trying to find a reason where no reason exists?

D'Brickashaw. I feel like Jo from Little Men, who named her dog Christopher Columbus just because she liked to say it. D'Brickashaw!


  1. Okay, haha that's funny, it my class at school, there is this guy who named one animal in a game D'Brickenshaw, and I had no idea why!! This definitly makes sense!

  2. I actually read an article about D'Brickashaw. I'm pretty sure his last name is Ferguson... Anyway, the name comes from some obscure TV show where a character had a name like D'Bricassart or something like that. The parents liked the name but didn't want to copy it exactly, so... D'Brickashaw.

  3. I named my so Brickshaw. I was watching the draft and BAMMMM! There it was.