Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My, it's been awhile

Nothing struck my fancy until just now, when I found the name Amberly.

Amber is NOT a word that can be made into an adverb. You cannot have an amberly woman living in an amberly neighborhood. If you absolutely must name your child Amberly, how about a different ending? Amberlee is acceptable, as is Amberleigh or even Amberlie. (Well, no, that last looks pretty stupid, too.) Amberly, however, evokes this sentence in my head: Oh, how very Amberly of her! Then it pisses me off because even in my head, it doesn't make any effing sense.

Can we not just stop at Amber and have done with it?

it's cutesification and we shall not stand for it! WE SHALL OVERCOME!

1 comment:

  1. Lol. I would rather have a more interesting name than Amber (or Amberly) now, but when I was a child (as in Kindergarten and 1st grade), I thought Amberly was a much better name than Amber.