Thursday, December 10, 2009

I see what you did there

Today's victim: Jaquizz.

Ah, football names. I will never lack fresh fodder for my snarking, for all I need to do is peruse the rolls of college and professional football players. (My husband wanted me to do one on Colt, but I found out it was a nickname.)

Anyway, there is a football player out there with the name Jaquizz. I puzzled over this name for a good bit, trying to figure out whether it came from a desire to be cutesy, or a desire to be hip (the two Z's at the end) or from a desire to be unique.

Finally, it hit me.

I think that someone looked at the name "Jacques", didn't know how it was pronounced, and cutesied it up a bit.

Or maybe I'm wrong (and I do hope I'm wrong). Maybe someone just came up with Jaquizz all on their very own.

Maybe they hoped he'd be good at figuring things out.


Sometimes I think America should be like Estonia, where they have a large list of baby names and you MUST pick one from that list. I think today's generation of uniquely (mostly badly) named babies would be grateful...

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