Friday, December 18, 2009


Maybe you haven't noticed, but I'm not a big fan of made-up names. They cause nothing but trouble for kids and they're often very awkward, like Kaysley. This one also has a saccharin factor of about 10.... can you really imagine this poor girl ever being in a position of importance? "Senator Kaysley Smith." "Vice-President Kaysley Jones." Hopefully the poor git has a nice, normal middle name so she can go by K. Normalname Myparentssuck.

My stepsister named her kid Kaylee. Kaylee's bad enough, as far as cutesy goes. The one and only bad thing about the series "Firefly" is that it seems to have popularized the name a good bit. This business of sticking an extra L in it just makes it hard to pronounce, however, as well as causing the kid to spend approximately a month of her life explaining to people how to spell her name.

It's like this, people. I recently began a short story about an old couple, set around 70 years from now. I named them Jayden and Madison. I had to quit writing the story, though, because it was just weird to write about old people with such cutesy names. Although now I think I'll go back and finish it... if I could get it published, perhaps the shock of reading about an 80 year old man called Jayden would convince other people to NOT USE THAT NAME...

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