Thursday, December 31, 2009

Parenting Magazine Fail

I happened to be at my OB clinic the other day, and to pass the time I picked up the ubiquitous Parenting magazine often found in such an environment. This one had an article about baby names in it; one might imagine that I perused it with much fervor.

(I'm sorry. I've been reading His Majesty's Dragon. They all talk like this in the book, and I just can't seem to help myself.)

Anyway, I thought it might give me plenty of fodder, and so it has. Today, in honor of the Temeraire series, I will make fun of one name in particular form the Parenting article: Navy.

Hopefully this is just a suggestion, albeit a truly horrible one. Hopefully no one has gone and named their baby Navy. Oh, the associations that come with this name-that-is-hopefully-not-a-name: Navy beans, Navy blue, the Village People, humongous battleships, crusty old captains, submarines.... there are, in my opinion, better ways to show one's patriotism.

How about naming your kid after someone IN the Navy, like perhaps a relative or ancestor? Or a famous Naval officer? I mean, you wouldn't just go and name your kid Army or Air Force or Marine, so why Navy?

Is it because Navy sounds cuter?

It is, isn't it?

:::bangs head on desk:::

For our New Year's Resolution this year, let's resolve to not worry about cute names, and to remember that children will grow into adults some day and deserve dignity and respect when you go to name them. And if any of you know an expecting mother who is in danger of naming her kid something the kid will regret for his/her entire life, please point them to this page. Spread the word. End cutesy names in 2010!

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  1. You wanna talk about naming regrets? My 6-year-old nephew already wishes my sister hadn't named him Kaleb. He's planning to change his name to Wolverine, just as soon as he's able...